Luxury speed boats in Croatia

Blue cave, the beauty of Croatia, is a unique place where you will finally feel the magic. If you are a traveler and you are coming in Croatia you should think to use Luxury speed boats. Daily excursions, transfers to Hvar, Brač, Vis, or private rent are services that we provide to our guests.

Blue cave

For your daily excursions your should visit  Stinva bay, Green cave, Hvar and finally Blue Cave. Because of the beauty of the Blue Cave the visit of the Blue cave is a must! Therefore if you are in Split you can use our Luxury speed boats.


You are arriving late? Your plain is landing during the day? You can take Luxury speed boats to travel faster to your destination. Is it Hvar, Brač or Vis with Luxury speed boat the transfer is easy. Most of all you will save one day of your vacations. Fast transportation will make your trip relaxing

Private rent

With private rent, beside Blue cave, in addition you can visit hidden beaches. You can have a lunch in the restaurant on the beach. Hvar can be visited in a different way with Luxury speed boat.

Luxury speed boats can provide various services to all guests, various trips can be organised. Even a transfer to Dubrovnik, Korčula and Lastovo. Also you have opportunity to swim on Vis, Brač island in crystal clear of Adriatic sea.

Enjoy free time in Hvar Town and see sights such as Fortica Fortress and let’s have  a party in Hula Hula